Thursday, 23 June 2011

Friendship Vignettes ~ Drop

My daughter, Teri and her friend Maria have been doing this photo project called Friendship Vignettes where each week they take photo's on a theme and publish the best on their blogs. I have been very interested in joining them for quite a while now and as this week Maria's Sister-in-Law Ruth has joined them, I have too. This will give me inspiration and a chance to experiment with my camera and gain confidence.

Here are our pictures from this weeks theme - Drop

These are the rest of the photo's I took on this theme. Many thanks to Teri for creating my graphics :-)

I do hope you will visit Teri and Maria's blogs and the official Friendship Vignettes blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will follow my blog as I will be posting other photo's on here over the coming weeks and for next weeks Friendship Vignettes. Do you want to join in too? Look out for an opportunity to join us coming soon :-)


  1. Hi Jan, welcome to FV and to the blogging world!
    I am glad you are part of it :)
    Love Maria x

  2. Thanks for having me I have been following you both since you started and felt I would like to join but did not want to tread on anyone's toes.